Shungite Large Tower Crystal Obelisk Point is made from 100% genuine Shungite. Crystal Towers have high healing energy and are believed to have been used in ancient times as a form of protection. Crystal Tower will deliver the power of Shungite directly to the chakra that corresponds with that particular stone. It is like an energy amplifier, increasing the healing powers of Shungite making them significantly more effective than regular crystal points or clusters containing lesser amounts of this mineral.

The vertical pointing obelisk is a very powerful Yantra for cutting off unwanted energies, harmonizing chakras or illuminating energy bodies.

The large Crystal Shungite obelisk is a beautiful and powerful combination of crystal shape and shungite. This tower is perfect for clearing energy in the home, office or around the yard. Work with this powerful Yantra to transform negative energies into positive ones to keep all your spaces—emotionally, mentally and physically—clear and balanced.

Order now with guarantee of lifetime quality service and 100% money back. We do not use inferior shungite and fake materials in our products but use genuine natural crystals as per all international standards and customers feedback. Each tower is unique in its own way as the material used for making crystal towers are mostly natural & also a limited resources so each individual piece is distinctively different from another product. This gives a wide range of shapes, texture, patterns, composition, colour etc. Different Crystal dimensions - 3 inches to 4 inches.''

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