Elite shungite type 1 powder, pure. For cosmetic, craft, orgone, emf paint and etc

  • Package: 4 Oz - 115 grams
  • Stone purity 97.8% - certified

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Elite shungite powder great for making:

Orgonite craft supplies for making orgone pyramids and towers. 

Shungite stone powder enhances the energy properties of orgonite. The addition of finely ground mineral shungite powder to the resin greatly improves orgonite's qualities of energy collection, storage, and transfer.

Their combination gives enhanced and flowing energy, open to receive even more life energy.

The presence C60 of shungite, helps ionize water and gives unique softening properties to skin care products. Excellent for use in hand soaps and body masks
- For cosmetic purposes: add 0.5 ounce of powder to 8 ounces of foundation.

- For medicinal purposes (compresses): add 2 ounces of powder to 6 ounces of foundation or 50 ml of water.

>> Be careful and prepare the work area before starting <<
- cover the surface you are afraid of getting dirty
- cover windows to avoid wind blowing - powder is very fine and volatile
- use gloves when working

Get the EMF protection you need by creating a protected area or shungite room -> simply add shungite stone powder to latex paint. 

- For every quart of latex paint or primer, add one bag of shungite powder.

- Mix thoroughly - repeat every 20 minutes in the work process.

The surface will reach full drying time 20% faster than will be stated on your manufacturer's paint.