The shungite pyramid is a powerful tool that can enhance the energy of any space. Made on the basis of the golden ratio, like the pyramids at Giza, it can be used for grounding, EMF protection for home and office, enhancing the power of your crystals and gems, improving sleep, meditation, and yoga practices.

The pyramid is recommended to be oriented towards the sides of the world so that it can enter into resonance with the electromagnetic field of the Earth. It should be positioned with its edge base on the north-south line, and the crystal should be activated with your intention. The size of the pyramid will affect the range of its influence.

In addition, we offer the option to add your own pattern to the sides. This makes it a unique and personalized addition to any space.

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Shungite pyramid - Details and Benefits

-> 3 cm base:  approx. 1.2" - Range of influence: up to 3.5' (1.1 m)

-> 4 cm base:  approx. 1.6" - Range of influence: up to 5' (1.5 m)

-> 5 cm base:  approx. 2" - Range of influence: up to 7.5' (2.3 m)

-> 8 cm base:  approx. 3" - Range of influence: up to 10.5' (3.2 m)

-> 10 cm base:  approx. 4" - Range of influence: up to 15' (4.6 m)

-> 15 cm base:  approx. 6" - Range of influence: up to 50' (15 m)

It is a matter of personal preference, except for one thing:

The raw pyramid charges the water better and can be used to make water for drinking and bathing.

Shungite is the only existing natural material that contains hollow molecular carbon cells known as fullerenes embedded in this mineral, allowing it to neutralize EMF. The scientists who discovered the fullerenes won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1996. 

These pyramids are made of certified shungite stone type 2 have purity - 57.2 percent carbon С60 - > that makes them strong stationary EMF protectors.

The earth is like a giant battery that contains a natural, subtle electrical charge, a special kind of energy present in the earth. For safety and stability, almost everything in the electrical world is connected to it, whether it's a power plant or your refrigerator. This is what the term "grounding" means.
Grounding also applies to people. When you are grounded, you feel:

* Centered
* Solid
* Strong
* Balanced
* Tense
* Less stressed

In general, you feel good about yourself. If you have pain, it is less, or maybe not at all, when you are grounded.