Shungite orb - carved from a single piece will become your new crystal sphere.

Shungite spheres are used to transform negative energy into positive vibrations, thereby protecting your aura from unwanted energies.

It can be useful for:

  • grounding
  • protection from EMFs in your home and outdoors
  • strengthening your crystals and gems
  • sleep
  • meditation and yoga

The ball resonates with the Earth's field, it does not need to be specifically tuned like a pyramid, and its shape allows energy to radiate evenly in all directions. It is very practical in practice and meditation.

For example, sitting in the lotus pose, place the sphere next to the main chakra.

The sphere symbolizes a sense of wholeness, unity, karma, completeness, continuous flows of energy and life itself. It is the most perfect form of energy and matter in the universe.

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