Type 2 Shungite Necklaces Foundation Stone Convex Soft Design


The shape of the foundation stone may be somewhat straightforward, but it is the foundation of the "cornerstone."

The minimalistic design is suitable for wearing under clothing - the flat side will have a large contact area with the skin, and the convex side will ensure an even flow of energy.

It is a great aid to improve your energy aura in your path, healing practice, meditation and protection of your energy field.


Handmade in the Keled Rocks workshop

  • Size: 1.2" Necklace is adjustable 12"-24" (30-60 cm)
  • Materials: polished shungite stone, Korean cord

The standard cord can be replaced with another or any chain, but you get a pendant that you can use right away.

Even if you don't do spiritual practices, it will still work.

Will protect your and your loved ones.

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