Natural shungite for water of the second type - this is what Peter 1 used more than 300 years ago

We select stones of natural shape - they have not been crushed and blown up in a mine or other man-made impact.

  • Stone size: 1-3 cm
  • Qty - 1 lbs ~ 450 grams
  • Checked and cleaned
  • Have natural inclusions of quartz and pyrite

The photo shows the size and approximate number of stones for one pack of stones weighing 220 grams (1/2 pound)

Raw black shungite stones are powerful water detox, increasing the immunity of the organism, removing harmful substances, making it possible to improve your health.


Shungite stones are naturally beautiful and full of energy. It is not just a stone, it is the world's oldest natural detox.

Peter 1 introduced shungite, obliging soldiers to carry shungite with them so they could get clean water during their campaigns. He himself also used therapeutic courses of shungite water, and it is believed that they prolonged his life. Also he founded in 1719 year health course "Marcial Waters".

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Details and Recomendation

Activate the stones by pouring hot water over them.
Place them in a vessel, this can be a pitcher, a drink dispenser, a cup, a sports bottle or a thermos.

-> Sufficient time is 1 hour.
-> For 1 liter of water, 1 pack of raw shungite (240 grams ~ 0.5 pounds).

>> If the water has not been drinked in three days, it is recommended to add new water as it will become too saturated. <<
Saturated - it's great for flowers or washing your face.