Crystal healing for EMF protection which can be worn constantly - all day and night.

Shungite from the deep mine is somewhat rough.

So we carefully remove the sharp edges and roughness, but retain its natural beauty and luster, so it can be delicately worn under clothing... Or openly complete your stylish look with the healing crystal necklace.

  • stones are certified
  • each goes through additional ultrasound test - to integrity
  • electrical resistance test

Each pendant averages 1.2-1.5"
Necklace is adjustable up to 14-24"


Each stone is uniquely shaped - if you wish to custom necklace pendant or purchase for gift ->> please note me about with order, I will present you with up to 20 pieces to choose one before ship.

For wholesale order - please send to quote us.


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Elite Shungite Pendant Usefulness and details

The main result is to increase and concentrate the vital field.

Impact on the throat and heart chakra through its grounding and higher vibrations goes to the solar plexus and root chakras. We recommend to hold and wear the pendant of the first type in the area of the throat, heart and solar plexus. The cord is adjustable, usually long enough for this, it also allows children to wear this pendant.

Shungite is the only existing natural material that contains hollow molecular carbon cells known as fullerenes embedded in this mineral, allowing it to neutralize EMF. The scientists who discovered the fullerenes won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1996. 

Type I schungite (aka silver, elite or noble schungite) 
Contains 97.8 percent C60 carbon, which is the purest form of shungite. 

The earth is like a giant battery that contains a natural, subtle electrical charge, a special kind of energy present in the earth. For safety and stability, almost everything in the electrical world is connected to it, whether it's a power plant or your refrigerator. This is what the term "grounding" means.
Grounding also applies to people. When you are grounded, you feel:

* Centered
* Solid
* Strong
* Balanced
* Tense
* Less stressed

In general, you feel good about yourself. If you have pain, it is less, or maybe not at all, when you are grounded.