Merkaba Meaning

The merkaba is the energetic sphere in which everything exists. It is the medium that transports you into the dimensions of unity and love that exist beyond the mind. Literally translated from Ancient Egyptian, it is a light spiritual body.

Two connected tetrahedrons show duality of the world - body and spirit, the male and female beginnings, united in harmony of one form. Together they represent a single light. 

Since each of the angular points is equidistant from all the others, there is no tension or tension in the sacred geometric pattern of the Merkaba. Only peace and equilibrium. It expresses the potential for unity and peace, where no one is separate from the others. All is one, and one is all. 

Merkaba Symbol

The knowledge of the merkaba (aka the Star Tetrahedron) has been spread, taught and used for thousands of years and many generations. However, the merkabah is not a religion, but has been noted in virtually all religious beliefs and spiritual schools.

This symbol is found in ornaments, ancient texts, jewelry, Buddhist mandalas, drawings, and murals around the world. Some many major spiritual systems endows it the power.

  • In the Bible, the angel Ezekiel used David's three-dimensional star merkaba to ascend to heaven.
  • In the Torah it is the chariot, the throne of God.
  • The Zohar, the foundation of Kabbalah, recognizes that in awareness and unselfish action you approach the very heart of the merkaba.
  • The goal of yoga is to save individual souls from the scourge of separate existence, the same ideal of unity symbolized by the merkabah.
  • Zen Buddhism is the path to enlightenment, based on meditation, toward the same higher consciousness that the merkaba and mandala so perfectly represent.

But despite the texts, the practices and instructions described, it seems even more mysterious and mystical. 

So if is the most powerful symbol of spiritual evolution. May be It is not something you can read or learn about. It is something you must experience?

Merkaba Meditation

Merkaba Meditation, first practiced in ancient Egypt, consists of 18 deep breaths. This practice opens the heart to a state of unconditional love, expands consciousness and restores unity with higher aspects. Through this state of oneness we reflect our common light.

What do I need to practice?

  • about 20 minutes of time
  • a quiet place
  • basic knowledge of the chakras
  • desire

What will I get out of this practice?

  • restores the neural connections of the brain
  • help you fill yourself and feel unconditional love
  • increases the energy field up to 30 meters
  • stimulates the pineal gland - opens the third eye
  • gives connection to your higher aspect

Meditation - Breaths 1-17 Practice

  1. Palms up, thumb and forefinger touching. Inhale. See the white light. Open the root chakra. See the red light. Exhale through the nose. Fill in the top tetrahedron.
  2. Contact the thumb and second fingers. Inhale. See orange light. Open sacral chakra. Breathe out. Feel, as the top tetrahedron is filled with orange light.
  3. Thumb and ring finger together. See yellow. Inhale. open the solar plexus chakra. Fill the upper tetrahedron with yellow light.
  4. Thumb and ring finger together. See green. Open the heart chakra. Exhalation. Fill in the top tetrahedron with green light.
  5. Thumb and index finger together. See blue. Open throat chakra. Exhalation. Fill in the top tetrahedron with blue color.
  6. Thumb and forefinger together. See indigo. Open interbrow chakra. Fill in the top tetrahedron with indigo.
  7. Thumb and ring finger together. See purple. Open head chakra. Fill the top tetrahedron with purple light.
  8. The contact with the first and second fingers. Visualize a tube of prana entering from above and below the spine. Inhalation. Visualize two rays meeting at your float. They form a sphere of light. exhalation
  9. Open heart chakra. Feel the love. The sphere of Prana is growing. Exhalation. The sphere of prana grows. Put the longest finger in the center of the sea.
  10. Inhale. Visualize a growing sphere. Exhale. Blow through the small hole between the lips. Imagine that out of your fingers emanates a golden light. Quickly let the air out. Imagine that your body is enveloped in golden light.
  11. Open your heart and feel the love. Relax. Let your prana flow through the tube. Breathe rhythmically.
  12. Feel the love in the sphere of light.
  13. Inhale and imagine, that all negative leaves outside a sphere of light. Exhale and allow prana to flow through sphere.
  14. Put your palms face upward on each other. Inhale. Move the sphere of light into the 4th chakra. Breathe out of this space. Breathe out. Feel a stream of a prana.
  15. Say in the mind "Equal speed" and see rotating tetrahedrons of light. Exhale.
  16. Say "34, 21" and imagine, as a tetrahedron your mind rotates 34 times, and an emotional tetrahedron - 21 times. Exhale. Blow out with vigor.
  17. Imagine that the tetrahedron is spinning at 9/10 the speed of light.
The eighteenth step is not described as it will be prompted by your higher aspect. After a few practice sessions, you may feel that you can turn on the inner merkabah with the power of your thoughts. This is quite a curious feeling and sense of flow.