Shungite Properties

Type 1 and Type 2 are both effective but black shungite - type 2 has a lower potential by about 40 percent. This is due to the concentration of pure carbon and C60 carbon - Fullerenes.

Type I - shungite (aka silver, elite or noble shungite): 

- 97.8 percent carbon content С60 -  this the purest form of shungite

Each stone is unique and unlike any other in shape. Some of these stones are very rare in purity and size and have collectible value.

Type II shungite: 

- 57.2 percent carbon С60 

Both types must pass the conductivity and electrical resistance test and have certificate.

Regina Martino, who has studied geobiology and bioenergy, and Shungite’s effects on humans, says that all living things emit an energetic field, or vital field. She found that Shungite can realign the Chakras and optimize the vital field, not by eliminating disruptive energy, but by transform it.

She has developed a highly reliable, reproducible way to measure  fluctuations of the human energy field, has found that "Shungite, more than any other rock, is able to realign the chakras and optimize the vital field. In particular, shungite greatly increases or concentrates of the vital field in the first chakra, or root chakra.

Regina say with certainty that the purer elite shungite will have a stronger frequency and a higher vibration than the second type of shungite.

The earth is like a giant battery that contains a natural, subtle electrical charge, a special kind of energy present in the earth. For safety and stability, almost everything in the electrical world is connected to it, whether it's a power plant or your refrigerator. This is what the term "grounding" means. 

Shungite tends to resonate with the field of the earth and transmit that attunement to humans. When you are grounded, you feel:

-> Centered
-> Solid
-> Strong
-> Balanced
-> Less tense
-> Less stressed

Overall, you feel good. If you have pain, you have less of it, or maybe none at all, when grounded.

Shungite doesn’t block or shield EMF in the technical sense. If it did, the operating range of wireless devices would be seriously compromised.

According to Russian quantum physics research, the bioenergetic torsion field that surrounds our bodies has a right-hand (think DNA-like) rotation, and is key to our vitality and physical well-being.

Man-made radiations, such as Wi-Fi, generate left-hand rotating torsion fields which interfere with and are harmful to humans, plants and animals by unbalancing and disturbing our bio-energetics system.

Shungite does not block or shield EMF in the technical sense, this  corrects distortions, neutralizing the negative effects of electromagnetic radiation. 

Shungite water

Activate the crystals by pouring hot water over them.
Place them in a vessel, it can be a jug, beverage dispenser, cup, sports bottle or thermos.

-> Sufficient time is 1 hour.
-> For 1 gallon of water - 1 pack of elite shungite (240 grams ~ 0.5 pounds) or 2 packs of black shungite.

For a sports bottle and cup - recommended 1 large stone - it's more convenient.

>> If the water has not been used for three days, it is recommended to add new water as it will become too saturated. <<

You can activate shungite with your intention by holding it in your hand. You should not hold it under the light of the moon or bury it in the ground. Only your intention.

If the water they have been in has a lot of chlorine and impurities, rinse them once every two months with boiling water and let them dry in the sun.

Cleaning and charging the shungite stones energetically is not necessary. 

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